A few recent events

(2,300 Guests)

Providing a time for employees to relax with friends and co-workers, a Bay Area corporation hosted a summer afternoon of games, activities and great food.

The menu included:

Sweet Corn Salad

Fresh corn tossed with sweet red peppers, in a light vinaigrette

Tuscan Potato Salad

Bits of potato tossed in a creamy (no mayo) dill dressing

Pasta Primavera

Tri-color fusili pasta mixed with garden fresh vegetables

Teriyaki Chicken

Soy ginger based chicken pieces grilled to perfection

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Southern barbecue pork shredded and drenched in saucesandwiched in a mini roll

Carmel Fudge Brownies and Homemade Cookies

Slices of ice-cold watermelon